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Round Rugs: How Do You Clean A Rug?

Round rugs are all the rage at the moment as they can instantly create more comfortable surroundings, we love how a round rug has been used the bedroom setting below.

King Beds Are The Ultimate Luxury

Sleeping on a king size mattress can do you more good than you might think. We all want to sleep well at night, and many people have already discovered the

Children’s Day Nursery, Essex

We supplied and fitted Altro safety flooring to all kitchens and wc’s. Wood effect vinyl to all main rooms and over 300m2 of artificial grass…

The Top 5 Tips for Better Quality Sleep

We all know that sleep has a major impact on general health and emotional wellbeing. Even so, many of us still underestimate just how important it is for the body.

The Benefits of Modern Metal Bed Frames

Your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom, so it’s vital that you pick the perfect one for you. When looking for a bed, you’ll be

Three Reasons Why You Should Choose a Wooden Bed Frame

If you have been looking to add an organic touch to your home, wooden bed frames are the perfect options to consider. While there is no doubt that metal beds

Modern Rugs: Where Exactly Should You Be Placing Your Rug?

A modern rug is one of the best ways to improve a room. While certain features such as colours, fabrics, and designs need to be thought about, it is just

Why Luxury Vinyl Tile is a Great Solution For Your Home

With countless modern flooring solutions available, choosing the right one for your home or business can be a difficult. While classics such as wood and stone are popular, these don’t

How To Perfectly Install Carpet Tiles

The tools for the job You just need a few basic tools to lay carpet tiles; a tape measure a metal ruler a fixed blade utility knife double-sided tape (or

The Best Ways to Protect Your Carpet While Redecorating

There are all kinds of challenges associated with redecorating, particularly if it’s not accompanied by a house move. If you’re just reinvigorating tired interiors, for example, you’ve got to figure

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