King Beds Are The Ultimate Luxury

Sleeping on a king size mattress can do you more good than you might think. We all want to sleep well at night, and many people have already discovered the benefits of king sized beds. Most of us have slept in a narrow single bed at some point in our lives; so we know how luxurious it feels to have all that space. But there’s a lot more to it than simply having plenty of room.

Here at Carpet Connection, we supply a range of bed frames and mattress options in a variety of styles. We know how essential a good night’s sleep is to both your physical health and mental wellbeing. Read on to discover more about the importance of choosing the right bed.

Ancient history

The history of the bed is fascinating. Beds really began when cave-dwellers started throwing an animal skin over a pile of leaves and straw. It was the ancient Egyptians who took beds to the next level, using raised platforms covered with soft materials. (Being off the floor kept the bugs and rats at bay). Roman emperors also liked to sleep high up – so high that they often had to have their own staircases. Mattresses were still pretty rudimentary though, stuffed with anything they could find that was soft. Most beds weren’t big enough for two people, either.

Recent history

Following the invention of the coil-spring mattress in 1900, bed manufacture experienced a revolution. Finally, you could have a mattress that was big enough for more than one person. But it wasn’t until the late 1950s that an American company came up with the idea of a queen and king size mattress. The company had also pioneered studies into human sleep behaviour, showing the health benefits of larger beds. Clever advertising linked the new mattresses to Hollywood stars of the time, and the concept really took off.

The problem with smaller beds

According to a 2019 survey, over a fifth of people in the UK have trouble getting to sleep at night. One of the main reasons for poor sleep is not being able to get comfortable. A common cause is the wrong mattress, or a mattress that is too small. When two people sleep in the same bed, the slightest sound or movement can cause disturbance. This is detrimental to both physical and mental health.

The health benefits of modern king sized beds

A king size mattress allows space for you and your partner to sleep without disturbing each other. This can significantly improve your health in a number of ways. When you wake up with pins and needles, it means that blood supply to the nerves in part of your body have been cut off. Having the space to spread out comfortably makes this less of a risk. That extra space also eases the pressure on your ankles and Achilles tendons. Sleeping in a cramped up position can affect your ability to breath efficiently. If you’re not breathing properly, your body won’t function to full capacity.

So, it’s clear that a comfy bed is beneficial for your overall health. The difficulty is then choosing the perfect bed, and mattress, for your home. Talk to our friendly team about your king size mattress and bed frame options today.

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