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Find Your Best Night’s Sleep in Our Bed Frame & Mattress Shop

Find Your Best Night’s Sleep in Our Bed Frame & Mattress Shop

Choosing the right bed and mattress can be two of the most important decisions you make about your home and the way you live in it. It’s far more important than just where you sleep, it affects how you sleep and that in turn affects your overall health and wellbeing.

In fact, did you know that the NHS says that sleep can help you stay slim, improves mood, mental well-being, immunity against colds and can even prevent things like heart disease, back pain and so much more. So, it’s clear that sleep is essential to leading a healthy life so you want to make sure you’re giving yourself and your loved ones the best chance of getting a good nights sleep through quality beds.

That’s why we supply beds in Colchester, Sudbury and Ipswich in a range of bed styles to compliment your existing bedroom. From wood to metal to leather, our showroom features a wide range of bed steads to help you choose the look and feel you want from this important piece of bedroom furniture. You can also choose from a range of different divans including storage divans and we stock mattresses to fit all our bed frames so you can enjoy the perfect fit. Whether you prefer pocket-sprung, fancy memory foam or are searching for a quality open coil spring mattress, you’ll find a comfortable, affordable bed in Suffolk at Carpet Connection.

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