The Best Ways to Protect Your Carpet While Redecorating

There are all kinds of challenges associated with redecorating, particularly if it’s not accompanied by a house move. If you’re just reinvigorating tired interiors, for example, you’ve got to figure out what to do with your furniture and carpets in the meantime.

While sofas, wardrobes, and appliances can usually be moved to a safe place, it’s not practical to lift carpets every time you want a change of paint. The best option, then, is to find a suitable form of cover, so there’s no danger of splashes and stains.

It’s easier than you think. All you need is a roll of masking tape and a sizeable pile of old newspapers. Keep reading to find out how to apply them.

Make Your Preparations

The key to decorating success is preparation. This is the same whether you’re handling the job yourself or hiring an Essex based painter. You don’t want the day of a decorating appointment to arrive and realise you haven’t thought about protecting the carpets. If you are working with a local provider, it might be worth asking them for some advice.

Any kind of painting has the potential to damage floors, but you’ll need to be extra careful if you’re making changes to the skirting boards. While protecting carpets can be a tedious process – all that masking tape is very fiddly – it’s far preferable to an irreparable paint stain in your lounge or bedroom.

Apply the Masking Tape

When you’re ready to paint, start attaching masking tape to pieces of old newspaper. This is easy to do if a little time consuming. The tape needs to be overhanging enough to stick the paper firmly to the carpet. Push it right up against the skirting board until there’s no gap left for the paint to fall between the paper and the wall.

Repeat until the entire perimeter of the room is protected by newspaper and masking tape. Then, you can either cover the rest of the space (and all of the carpet) with pieces of newspaper or lay down an old sheet. In fact, you can do both of these things for maximum protection. Carpets are in less danger when covered up with multiple layers.

Dealing with Pesky Drips and Stains

If somehow, paint does manage to make it onto carpets, there are a few removal methods that you can try. Whatever else you do, don’t panic and start scrubbing at the stain. If it is still wet, take a damp paper towel and gently blot at the paint. Try to remove as much as possible without rubbing it further into the carpet.

Once it has hardened a little, take a butter knife and try to lever the paint off the fabric. Alternate between doing this and adding small amounts of regular dish detergent. In a crisis situation, you can apply a very tiny volume of white spirit. Too much could damage the backing of the carpet, so be very gentle and controlled. Keep dabbing and blotting with a paper towel.

Searching for Brand New Carpets

There will come a time, of course, when you need new carpets. In a typical household, with two to four residents, a carpet will last for as long as five years. You might be able to get an extra year or two out of rooms which aren’t used as regularly. The good news is that there are plenty of carpet providers in Essex who can hook you up with high quality products.

Many include the cost of delivery and installation in their shelf prices, but you should check this before you make a purchase. If it isn’t included, ask how much the service would add to your total. While it is possible to fit a carpet without expert help, drafting in a professional will ensure that you get a perfect look.

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