The Top 5 Tips for Better Quality Sleep

We all know that sleep has a major impact on general health and emotional wellbeing. Even so, many of us still underestimate just how important it is for the body. For instance, a single restless night is enough to send the blood pressure soaring. It can make you irritable, careless, and unfocused.

Lack of sleep causes accidents, mistakes, and bad decisions. It just isn’t a desirable state for human beings, because we’re complex organisms and we need to rest and recharge at the end of the day. So, when you curl up in your bed at night, make sure that you’re treating yourself to the cosiest, comfiest, most peaceful sleep possible.

This guide to getting a great sleep, every single night, will show you how to make it happen.

Invest in your bed

It’s okay to spend and splurge when it comes to your sleep. This is an area of life which does deliver value if you invest a little more. That’s not to say that all good beds are expensive. There are some fantastic beds in Suffolk, with some very affordable price tags.

Just remember that a poor-quality product is going to put pressure on the spine and lead to restless nights. You need a sturdy frame, but it should also have enough give in the centre to allow your mattresses to remain springy and supportive.

Steer clear of caffeine

While most people know to avoid coffee before bed, not everybody knows how long they should steer clear of the black stuff in the evening. Well, doctors advise people to drink no caffeinated beverages whatsoever at least four hours before sleep (preferably six).

Coffee has a longer half-life than you might think, so you can’t really sneak in that last cup with dinner if you want to go to bed at 9pm or 10pm. This applies to chocolate, cola, and caffeinated tea as well. For a peaceful rest, stick to water, decaf tea, and herbal blends.

Put the screen away

The single biggest sleep killer is your mobile phone. Yes, that’s right; the little flickering screen you keep under the pillow or on the bedside cabinet. According to behavioural experts, if you keep your phone in the bedroom with you, it will prevent your mind from drifting off naturally.

This is because our brains have become conditioned to respond to texts and notifications. The best way to guarantee a great sleep is to leave it elsewhere. For at least half an hour before bed, try to stay away from phones, televisions, tablets, and other screens.

Create a sleep haven

When shopping for beds in Suffolk, try to think about the room in its entirety. The quality of your bed is very important, of course, but it should be matched by the quality of the space. For good sleep, you need a quiet environment, with dark curtains and a comfortable temperature.

Sleep experts recommend a temperature of between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The room should be well ventilated, free of clutter, and contain no items related to work or play. The most productive bedrooms have a clear purpose and aren’t used for other things.

Don’t watch the clock

If you’re prone to insomnia, try this simple trick. Instead of lying awake, watching the clock, turn it away to face the wall. Being a ‘clock watcher’ is very common, but it doesn’t do anything positive for your sleep. It makes it much harder to drift off for the perpetually restless.

So, give your brain a break and make sure that those ticking numbers aren’t visible. As a bonus, you could set the alarm and place it on the other side of the room. That way, if you struggle to get up in the morning, you have to wake fully to turn it off.

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