Why Luxury Vinyl Tile is a Great Solution For Your Home

With countless modern flooring solutions available, choosing the right one for your home or business can be a difficult. While classics such as wood and stone are popular, these don’t suit every customer. The materials can be expensive, there can be challenges involved in installation, and often the style just does not fit your requirements. In this climate luxury vinyl tile flooring has emerged as a flexible and practical alternative, however, some still harbour misgivings about the product. Although it may not be a natural material like wood or stone, it has numerous benefits that more than make up for this fact. Let us examine these in more detail.


Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

Different Styles

Vinyl tiles have existed in one form or another for decades. However, gone are the days where vinyl floor tiles were synonymous with old-fashioned, cold, plastic looking floors! Today, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) comes in a range of fresh and sophisticated designs, allowing customers to choose from an abundance of options. From wood effect to herringbone, or natural stone to intricate tile designs, there is a style available for every home.


Luxury vinyl tile flooring is engineered to last. This hard-wearing flooring option also provides excellent grip and slip resistance. With its waterproof nature, it is ideally suited for high-traffic areas and those prone to moisture. Common locations include entrances, kitchens, and dining rooms. Modern vinyl tiles can last for decades if cared for properly, representing an excellent return on investment.

Installation & Comfort

Another benefit is that luxury vinyl tile flooring is generally easy to install. Available in both click and stick down options, installation is much quicker in comparison to wood or stone flooring. It works alongside underfloor heating systems, with heat transferring effectively to the surface due to the thinner nature of the flooring, keeping a regulated temperature through winter months. It is easy to clean and maintain with a simplistic style; avoiding the annoyance of stone grouting or staining wood.

Aesthetic Appeal

Luxury vinyl tile flooring is available in a kaleidoscope of colours, patterns, and designs. Indeed, this type of flooring has the ability to tie an entire room together with little effort whilst being extremely appealing to eye. Luxury vinyl tile flooring can mimic a host of natural materials, from simulated oak to realistic stone effect. It also comes in a variety of contemporary designs such as mosaic and checked patterns.
In summary, the quality of luxury vinyl tile makes it difficult to differentiate from real hardwood or stone tiled flooring and the product comes with many added benefits. Carpet Connection offer a wide array of luxury vinyl tile flooring solutions suitable for any home. So, if you’re interested, browse through our collection for more detail. Or, if you have any questions or wish to place an order, please contact one of our customer service representatives.

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