Modern Rugs: Where Exactly Should You Be Placing Your Rug?

A modern rug is one of the best ways to improve a room. While certain features such as colours, fabrics, and designs need to be thought about, it is just as important to consider where to place an area rug. Are there professional interior design suggestions to think about? Are there any places you should avoid? Let’s take a look at how designer rugs can have a huge impact on the design of your home and the best places to use them.

Living Rooms

Most interior design guides stress how a rug can transform the appearance of any living room. Some homeowners believe that smaller rugs are the best option to make a small space feel larger, but they can cause the room to seem cluttered. It is best to use rugs that are at least large enough to accommodate the most prominent pieces of furniture, while providing a uniform appearance.


Dining Rooms

It is normally best to place a rug immediately beneath a dining room table. This helps to tie the entire room together while providing a sense of aesthetic balance. Once again, size comes into question. You want the rug to extend slightly beyond the footprint of the table and chairs. As a general rule of thumb, try to select a rug that is at least 60 centimetres wider and longer – the same holds true if you require a circular or oval rug.



Bedroom rugs will often be placed underneath the bed. In this case, it is wise to opt for a rug with dimensions that are nearly identical to the size of the bed. This will enable the room to appear slightly larger and more spacious. Additionally, ensure that the rug is centred beneath the bed. Otherwise, the room may look slightly imbalanced from a visual standpoint. If you happen to be placing a rug on one side of the bed, try to leave a gap of approximately 50 centimetres between its edges and any nearby walls.



Rugs play an important role in relation to kitchen room design. In this situation, modern rugs should be placed near areas associated with the greatest amount of work (such as preparing meals and washing dishes). It might also be wise to choose a runner, as these slender rug variants will be suitable for narrower spaces without compromising on style. Most professionals agree that gaps should be left around a runner in order to accentuate the underlying floor.


To sum up, we can see that placing rugs in the appropriate locations involves a bit of planning if you hope to achieve your desired effect. Above all, feel free to experiment in order to achieve the interior design aesthetic you are aiming for. If you need any help choosing a modern rug, traditional rug, or something in between, contact the experts at Carpet Connection today!

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