5 Reasons Why Carpet Connection Is the Best Carpet Fitter for You

It’s a classic sitcom trope – the young couple, stressing over carpet swatches in a warren-like showroom, filled with rolls and rolls of identikit fabric. Eventually, they settle on a product and the stress of trying to get it home begins. Fortunately, your experience shopping at Carpet Connection will be very different.

While we can’t promise you any hilarious sitcom moments, what we can do is guarantee a smooth, stress-free selection and installation. We’ll make sure that there are no surprises whatsoever. Our team will help you find a great carpet. You’ll pay an equally great price, and we’ll install it for you as well, at no extra charge. Simple.

Keep reading to find out why our carpet fitters are the best choice for homeowners in Essex.


Home Measuring Service

At Carpet Connection, we guarantee the quality of every single installation by ensuring a flawless fit. We dispatch a small team of installers to your home, where they take precise measurements. They can then use this information to supply exactly the right amount of fabric.

Our home measuring service is highly valuable for several reasons. Not only does it guarantee a top-quality installation, but it also helps to avoid waste. This saves you money, and it prevents the fabric from being unnecessarily discarded. Plus, it is entirely free of charge.


Decades of Experience

With a combined experience of more than 45 years, it’s safe to say that our carpet fitters are some of the most skilled in Essex and the country. The Carpet Connection brand has been around for a quarter of a century, so we know our stuff.

No matter what type of carpet you choose – lightweight, heavy pile, pale coloured or dark – the installation will be quick and stress-free. While it’s rare for problems to develop after a fitting, the team will be on hand in the days and weeks afterwards to answer any questions.


Excellent Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, we’ve got your best interests at heart. You don’t rack up this many years fitting carpets without learning a thing or two about communication. So, don’t hesitate to raise concerns, ask questions, and share ideas with us.

The carpet fitters at Carpet Connection are a goldmine of information. They can tell you everything you need to know about pile density, weaves, textures, designs, as well as things like underflooring and general maintenance.


Tour the Virtual Showroom

We understand that it isn’t always easy to get out to a showroom, so we created a virtual tour. You’ll find a digital version of our store which you can explore from your computer or on your mobile.

While we still encourage you to visit us, taking the virtual tour is a simple way to check out the fabrics and designs currently on display. If you spot something that you like, head into the showroom or call us and see if you can arrange a home consultation.


Minimal Installation Costs

We believe in providing premium products, at affordable prices and this applies to our installation service too. In most cases, there is no charge for carpet fitting. In a handful of circumstances, there may be a small fee.

For instance, there might be a minimal charge if the space is especially large or multiple carpets are being fitted as part of one project. Some carpets are trickier to install, so they may incur a small fee. However, we strive to provide a free fitting service wherever possible.

To find out more about the products and services provided by Carpet Connection. Or, call 01787 374624 to speak to a sales advisor and discuss your needs directly. You can also get directions to your nearest Suffolk showroom.

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