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How to Protect Your Carpet When Painting and Decorating

Redecorating your home often involves giving the walls a new lick of paint; but it can just as often involve new carpets. One thing’s for sure, paint and carpets do not mix. So, whether your carpets are new or old, if you’re painting interior walls, you’ll want to keep your carpets safe from paint. Ensuring your paint stays on the wall and not your carpets involves two key points: firstly, protecting the carpets with a cover, then applying paint with care. So, here’s how to protect your carpet when painting indoors.

 How to protect carpet when painting



How to Protect Carpets when Painting

Before anything else, you’ll want to cover the floor of the room you’re painting. Large cloth or plastic dust sheets are perfect for this job. They can easily cover furniture too. These large sheets will be sure to catch any stray drops or spills. Quickly throwing down some large dust sheets will save you the nightmare of removing paint from carpets.

For smaller projects, newspaper is just as handy. Sheets of newspaper are great for covering carpets in smaller, more awkward areas. If you’re painting skirting boards, newspaper is the easiest way to catch any running drops of paint.

You could also buy some dedicated carpet covers for painting. These are simple to throw down, waterproof, and often come with adhesive to keep them firmly in place. These are also a good choice for larger redecoration projects.


Top Tips for Tidy Painting

Knowing how to protect carpets when painting comes down to more than just coverings. There are some other helpful things to remember whilst painting that will reduce spills and odd drops.

Firstly, you could benefit from getting hold of an edging tool. One of these tools will help you paint a clean edge without hassle, and prevent you getting paint on things by accident. These are great for painting around awkward obstacles and walls with unique shapes. As well as this, care with the roller can reduce splashes and spills. Smooth strokes will reduce splatter. Finally, take care not to overload brushes and rollers. Wiping excess paint off your brush will prevent the paint running down the wall or dropping on the floor.


Redecorating Your Home with Carpet Connection

Now, knowing how to protect the carpet when painting, you can get on with your decorating without fear. Without proper protection, paint can soon blemish the stunning work of flooring and carpet specialists. But with these tips in mind, wall and floor refurbishment can go on hand in hand.

Perhaps you are considering redecorating your home this year. If so, your plans might involve new flooring. This is where Carpet Connection can help. With over 25 years of experience bringing the best in bespoke carpets, vinyl and wooden flooring, we’re always ready to take on domestic and commercial projects. So, if you’re interested in new flooring, get in touch with the team at Carpet Connection today.

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