How to Choose a Dining Room Rug

The reasons for choosing a dining room rug tend to go beyond just wanting to protect hardwood or laminate flooring. It is more than just a soft surface to place your feet whilst you chow down and spend quality time with the family. More than any other room in a house, the dining room feels like it should have a clear aesthetic. And, adding a high quality area rug can be a good way to achieve this.

So, the next time that you are browsing at your nearest rug shop in Essex, think about what constitutes the perfect style for a dining room. The ideal rug will be super soft on the toes, thick enough to muffle noise and keep in heat, and it will look fantastic. It is definitely worth heading down to a showroom or local store to browse in person, because it will be easier to pick colours and designs which match your décor.

This handy guide to choosing the perfect dining room rug will give you some useful tips and tricks to use when shopping.

Finding the Right Size

The size of a rug is probably more important than you think. If it is too small to accommodate the dining room furniture or so big that it swamps the space, it is going to look a little out of place. The general rule of thumb is to invest in a rug which is large enough for the table and chairs to be placed on top.
The chairs should not scrape against the edge of the rug when pulled back. The best thing to do before heading to a rug shop in Essex is measure the size of the dining room itself. Then, you can browse only for products which fit your requirements.

Shopping for the Perfect Shape

Once you have found a rug which is the right size, the rest of its features can be a little more diverse, if necessary. For example, whilst a rug which matches the shape of a dining table is going to emphasise and complement the furniture, picking out a dissimilar shape simply creates a different kind of look.

The majority of the high quality rugs which you find in your local rug shop in Essex will be rectangular in shape. However, if you fancy a round rug, keep browsing until you spot a product which is just the right size and features colours or a design which brings out the best in your dining room décor.

Making a Material Match

Now, it is worth thinking about your choice of material very carefully. For the most part, it should depend on how you use the space. So, for example, if your dining room is a strictly ‘special occasion’ space which only gets used for fancy grown up dinners, a more delicate material could be appropriate.

On the other hand, if you always dine at the table and you have young children, you are going to want to pick out something tough. It should be able to handle the back and forth movement of feet and chair legs. It should also be easy to clean, particularly if spills are common. In these circumstances, a robust manmade fibre is usually the best choice.

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