A Guide to Choosing The Perfect Bed Size For Your Room

As we spend around a third of our lives asleep, it is crucial to ensure that the bed you choose is right for your needs. Purchasing a new bed is an investment that should improve your health by giving you the best night’s sleep possible. So, it is vital that you consider bed sizes when looking for the perfect bed for your room. Too small a bed will result in an uncomfortable night’s sleep, while a bed that is too large may make your room feel small and cramped. Here is our guide to different bed sizes and how to go about choosing the best one for your room.


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Bed Sizes Guide

You may be unsure of the dimensions of each bed size and what will best suit your room. For example, what size is a king size bed in the UK, and would it be a better choice than a queen or double? Here are the most common bed sizes in the UK:

• The largest bed size is the Super King, measuring 180 x 200 cm. This type of bed is most suited for couples who prefer space to sprawl out when sleeping. Due to their size, these beds are most suitable as the centrepiece in a master bedroom.

• King beds are measured at 150 x 200 cm, making them the same length, but slightly less wide than the Super King. These beds are best suited for large bedrooms and for people who prefer plenty of space.

• Double beds have a size of 135 x 190 cm, with their cousin, the small double, measuring 120 x 190 cm. These beds are the standard for most people, and can fit the average room size.

• Single beds measure 90 x 190 cm, and small singles 75 x 190 cm, making them the smallest bed size available. These are best for compact rooms and children who do not need a lot of space.


How to Choose the Best Size Bed For Your Room

When looking at bed sizes for your room you should follow these steps:

• Measure the size of your room compared to your intended bed. Consider that you need space to move around as well as for additional furniture. Allocate about 60-70% for furniture and the rest for free movement.

• Consider how you like to sleep. Do you need a lot of space? Are you single or a couple? These should all factor into the size of bed you choose.

• Your bed should be a long term investment, so choose one that provides you the comfort and durability you need.

• Finally, choose a bed that matches your preferred décor, so that it both looks good and feels comfortable to sleep in.


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