Why Choose Solid Wood Flooring in Essex?

When it comes to interior decorating, you’re going to want to be considering only the latest design advancements, to make your home look modern, sleek and beautiful. Whatever look you’re going for, you’re undoubtedly in some turmoil regarding the flooring. What colour should it be? Could it be carpeting? Vinyl? One increasingly popular solution throughout the home is solid wood flooring in Essex. Once reserved exclusively for very specific rooms, there is now an application for wood flooring right through the house, and here at Carpet Connections, we’re dedicated to bringing you top quality flooring solutions at brilliant prices.

But why! Why go for wood flooring instead of a more conventional carpet option? Wood has a number of distinct advantages over carpeting, as we highlight here below!

  • Longevity – They keep that same stylish aesthetic and finish over long, long periods of time, not fading as the colouring in some carpets is prone to do.
  • Durable – Resistant to the daily wear and tear that any flooring option must be able to contend with.
  • Warm – Similar solutions such as laminate don’t hold their heat and stay perpetually cold. Solid wood is warm to the touch making it comfy to walk on.
  • Allergy friendly – The clean finish and single surface of wood is great for people with allergies. Carpets or other options tend to be breeding grounds for mould or dust mites that can exasperate problems.
  • Easy to clean – One of the most popular excuses, a solid wood floor is incredibly easy to clean, with a simple vacuuming or damp mopping enough to return it to its shiny, like-new state.

With these many advantages, coupled with the fact that its attractive look is unique and eye catching and can set the tone for an entire room, there’s no reason not to consider a brilliant solid wood flooring solution from us here at Carpet Connections!

With over 25 years in the business, we’re the experts you can trust when it comes to flooring, on hand to deliver any help or advice you may require, you can be sure that when you buy from Carpet Connections, you’re getting only top quality products and a professional tailored service. So call on 01787 374624 today!

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