A New Year, A New Floor?

The turn of the year can bring about a lot of questions. From your goals to your career and lifestyle, these can all be questioned as Big Ben ticks down to midnight. A New Year means a whole new set of possibilities and opportunities so why not revitalise your home, office or workplace with a fresh and sleek new floor?

Could your office do with a fresh new surface? Is your carpet at home looking dull and faded? If so, check out our website today to have a browse through our online shop and find the floor of your dreams.

Get the Floor You Want

If you are looking for carpet, vinyl or laminate flooring in Essex, Suffolk and the surrounding areas then Carpet Connection is the only choice. We are experts in fitting and supplying a range of flooring surfaces from carpets to solid wood flooring and commercial laminate. Don’t wait till the New Year to spice up your flooring, beat the rush and have a brand new floor in place before Christmas.

What makes us stand out from our competitors is our committed and dedicated attitude to our customers. We understand the unique requirements every individual has and we strive to provide them with the widest range of possibilities to not only match, but better their expectations.

This can start from our highly qualified estimators paying you a visit. They will take accurate and trustworthy measurements as well as provide you with any advice with regards to the type, style and function of your flooring. Not only that, but they will work around YOUR budget so that you can get the best possible service without breaking the bank. You are then free to browse our online store to find the pattern and style you would like. It couldn’t be simpler.

If you are thinking of installing a new floor or would just simply like advice on the types of flooring available, then get in contact with us today either in-store or online.

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