Do You Need Slip Resistant Commercial Flooring?

For most businesses, movement is a near constant thing. Even in offices, where employees spend a lot of time at desks, people need to get up to photocopy documents, borrow stationary, deliver reports, and head to the lunch room. So, it is rarely a good thing for commercial flooring to be too shiny or slippery.

If you own a business and you are on the hunt for affordable commercial flooring in Suffolk, take this into consideration. A slip, trip, or fall at work is not just physically damaging, it can end up being very risky for the company too. Every year, lots of businesses find themselves involved with litigation after employees hurt themselves on site.

You can reduce the risk of this happening by installing flooring that is slip resistant, non-porous, and hard wearing without being too tough on the feet. The first step is to look for quality. If you pick high quality commercial flooring in Suffolk, you are guaranteed to get everything that you paid for and more. Sometimes, a little investment goes a long way.

These handy tips and tricks for choosing high quality slip resistant flooring will help you invest in a product that suits your business.

Boarding Kennels and Catteries

For boarding kennels and catteries of all kinds, the importance of wipe clean flooring is paramount. It also needs to be slip resistant, because employees are likely to be involved in strenuous physical duties. Whether they are leading animals in and out of the facility or carrying heavy bowls and feeding equipment around, they are going to need a solid, safe surface to walk on.

Pool Decks and Water Features

If your business involves working with water, it is very important that you invest in high quality slip resistant flooring. It will keep the area around the water safe and reduce the risk of trips, slips, and falls. For public swimming pools, there is nothing more vital than safety. Look for commercial flooring in Suffolk that looks great, functions efficiently, and is affordable too.


As with public swimming pools, gymnasiums have a responsibility to keep customers safe at all times. This means installing slip resistant commercial flooring that can keep users on their toes, even while their attention is not on balance. The heavy equipment contained in gyms means that it is easy for people to seriously injure themselves, even if the fall itself is not from a great height.

Commercial Offices

As aforementioned, even regular office spaces can be dangerous, especially if there is a lot of hectic movement. Slip resistant flooring is a simple and affordable way to reduce the risk of accidents. It also keeps the working environment very clean and easy to manage. In the long run, this will save you money on maintenance costs. Make sure that you choice of commercial flooring is durable, has a matte surface, and is mostly seamless.

Shop and Store Entryways

Slip resistant flooring is a great idea for the front entrances of eateries, stores, and retail outlets. This is an area that not only needs to stand up to constant use, it also needs to guarantee the safety of your customers. With high quality commercial flooring in Suffolk, it is easy to pick an option that perfectly matches the décor and style of your store.

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