Carpets or Hard Floors – Thinking Through the Pros and Cons

The value of a thick and impeccably soft carpet is never clearer than when in the depths of a harsh winter. In fact, just the thought of warm carpet beneath cold toes is usually enough to have homeowners rushing back behind closed doors. Yet, like most things, a good carpet shines the brightest in certain conditions.
For instance, the top of the line carpets available in Ipswich are a great choice for winter or for properties which have trouble retaining heat, but they might not be such a great option for summer homes and families with pets. Or, to look at it another way, carpets are superb in the bedroom, but not quite so wonderful in a kitchen – sometimes, hard floors are more suitable.
So, the question is, how do you achieve the right balance between hard and soft in your home? Does making the choice between carpet and hard flooring always have to involve some form of compromise? This guide to the pros and cons of each will help you to determine the best option for your home.

Considering Soft Floors & Carpets

It is important to realise that carpets come with both benefits and downsides. For example, they are clearly the warmest and most comfortable choice (great at keeping feet cosy all year round). Then again, they can be very difficult to keep clean, especially in homes with young children and pets running around and spilling at every opportunity. Despite this, carpets are wonderful at absorbing both sound and heat.
They are easy to fit and lay, at extremely competitive prices. If you are looking for new carpets in Ipswich, you should have no trouble at all locating a product to suit your budget. They can be purchased in an almost endless variety of styles, patterns, and colours. So, if versatility is top of the list of priorities, you cannot go wrong with a high quality carpet.
The major disadvantage to choosing carpets is definitely their tendency to pick up dirt and grime. Whilst hard floors have no trouble with things like allergens and dust mites, if not kept impeccably clean, carpets can easily become a home for irritants. This is why they should be deep cleaned at least once every twelve months; more regularly, if you live in a home with allergy sufferers.

Thinking about Hard Flooring

Whilst carpets have long been the norm, wood floors are associated with sophistication, style, and wealth. In fact, they are often considered to be a status symbol of sorts, which is interesting considering how affordable they have become in recent years. The reality is that hard flooring can be created to fit all kinds of different budgets, but because many stately homes and mansions still choose wood, it feels elegant and luxurious.
It is a popular choice, because wood is easy to clean, lasts a long time (with the proper care), and tends not to fall out of fashion like patterned floors can. Plus, it does not take on bad smells, cannot harbour allergens or dust mites, and offers a clean, safe, and simple to maintain environment for young children and pets.
However, there is one clear disadvantage to choosing hard flooring over carpets in Ipswich – no matter how cosy the rest of the house, wood floors will always feel less physically comfortable than carpets. You can, of course, fix this by adding soft area rugs and other accessories, but hard floors will still let out more internal heat than carpets. Also, if you want to fit hard flooring in irregular shaped rooms, it could end up being rather pricey.
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