Add Some Elegance with Made to Measure Curtains

At Carpet Connection we do more than just your floor; we also specialise in an array of soft furnishings to enhance any room. It’s easy to overlook your curtains, most of the time we’re more interested in what’s going on outside our windows then what’s around the edges. But choosing the right size, shape and fabric can bring a new feeling to your home: cosy, jazzy, elaborate or classic we can help you find the perfect piece.

Ready produced curtains seem like a cost effective option, but what’s the real price? Bespoke curtains are made to make the most of your precise needs. Windows are not uniform, many windows, especially in older homes, are set at lower or higher levels on the wall and in different shapes and sizes so you need varying amounts of fabric to accommodate, that’s where made to measure services are ideal. Everyone wants their curtains to hang correctly with style but we know style is unique to the individual. For a little extra cost, made to measure can properly accent your windows how you want, making them fully functional as well as glamorous.

We offer over 300 fabrics in a range of styles to suit any tastes; our curtains all come from the Richard Barrie range (one of the country’s leading suppliers of made to measure furnishings) so you can find fabrics to suit your room or something to inspire you if you’re thinking about re-decorating!  Remember, curtains don’t just keep the neighbours from peeking in, choose something unique that you can be proud of for years.

At Carpet Connections we know how important your décor is and how busy you are, that is why we can deliver any made to order product to you within 7 days. If you’re in the: Essex, Colchester, Sudbury, Ipswich, Suffolk and Bury St Edmunds area and want to find out more give is a call on 01787 374624 or email us on online and we’ll be happy to help.

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