5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Karndean Flooring

If you are looking for the best quality vinyl flooring for your home then Karndean flooring is a great choice. Karndean floors have been around for almost half a century and have built a reputation for high quality luxury vinyl flooring. Karndean floors offer an attractive natural look while also being durable enough to stand up to heavy use. In addition, these floors are versatile enough that you can use them anywhere at all in the home. Therefore, here are five reasons why you should choose Karndean flooring for your home.


Karndean Flooring


1. Tough and Durable

When looking at flooring for a busy home, you need something that can handle all the activity the household can throw at it. Kardean flooring is made from strong and robust vinyl, allowing it to withstand a lot of traffic. Unlike hardwood flooring, this flooring does not easily scratch or dent. Kardean floors will last a long time, and even if you need to replace a section you can easily do so without needing to remove the entire floor itself.

2. Pet and Child Friendly

Among the two greatest risks to your flooring are pets and children. Pets are prone to tracking muddy and dirty prints into the home, while the rough and tumble nature of children’s play can damage surfaces. Fortunately, Karndean floors are designed with both in mind. These floors feature the K-Guard+ surface protection system that keeps the floor tough and hygienic no matter how much dirt and grime it collects. In addition, the floor is warmer and quieter than many hardwood and stone floors, making it a more comfortable play area for children.

3. Low Maintenance

In addition to how tough and durable it is, Karndean flooring is extremely low maintenance when you compare it to other floors. For example, the floor uses a protective polyurethan coating. This non-porous coating means that dirt and germs cannot soak into the surface. All you need to do is wipe it down and your floor will look as good as new. Combined with the strength and durability of tailored vinyl, your floors will need as little maintenance as possible.

4. Versatile Designs

Karndean flooring comes in a wide range of design options that can fit any décor or surface. Choices include different borders, strips, and other features to complement or enhance the look of any room. They can even be given a natural appearance to simulate the warmth of wood or the elegance of stone surfaces. Whatever design you choose and wherever you decide to use it, your Karndean floor will add greatly to the appearance of your home.

5. Water Resistant

Many wooden floors can become stained over time due to the constant spilling of liquids and other substances. Karndean floors are designed to resist any liquid so that it cannot penetrate and cause stains. All you need to do is give a quick wipe over with a pH neutral cleaner and your floor will come up looking as good as new.

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