5 Amazing Uses for Artificial Grass

If you look in the right places, you’ll find artificial grass in many spots across Essex. It is a common sight on sports pitches and golf courses, primarily because it provides a lot more reliability than genuine grass. The real stuff is tied to all kinds of external variables. If you want to create a carefully maintained grassy area, the conditions have to be just right.

If it rains too much or too little, if the nutrients in the soil are distributed incorrectly, real grass is easily ruined. This is why artificial turf is very popular with businesses and homeowners. Not only is it reliable, it also cuts out the waiting time usually associated with growing a lawn, pitch, or green. In short, artificial grass has been a real game changer.

Keep reading to find out how it is used and why businesses in Essex are starting to get creative with faux foliage.

Padding at the Gym

It might surprise you to find out that artificial grass is becoming very popular with gyms at the moment. Many fitness centres, including a number in Essex, are turning to turf because it provides excellent padding and support. It is springier than carpet, but it doesn’t compromise steadiness or agility. This means that gym goers can lift weights, do push ups, and even sprint in specially made turf areas.

Inspiration at the Office

It is even more popular with small businesses and start-ups, especially now that big multinationals like Google are revolutionising the modern office. Gone are the sterile cubicles and drab décor. Business owners are starting to realise the power of creative, innovative spaces and nothing is more potent than natural green features, even if they’re artificial. Adding turf to boardrooms and leisure spaces is a great way to stimulate serenity and calm.

Green Credentials on the Roof

Another trend which is really taking off with businesses right now is urban landscaping. We’re all becoming a lot more environmentally conscious, but there isn’t always a lot of space to house nature when you’re in a big city like Essex. One solution is to look upwards. Rooftop gardening is a fantastic way to up your green credentials and, with artificial grass, you don’t have to worry about getting enough rain or nutrients. It pretty much takes care of itself.

Mini Retreat at a Festival

Many festivals use artificial grass to cover the ground in sheltered tents. It helps to keep the space warmer and it provides a soft surface for sitting. It is also much cleaner and easier to maintain than the bare ground, particularly in wet climates. Installing turf can be a really effective way to avoid all kinds of issues with mud and frost. If you place artificial grass in high traffic areas, it won’t degrade like real grass. The surface will stay solid and stable.

Soft Landing at Nurseries

Some nurseries and day care centres in Essex prefer to use artificial turf in their playgrounds because it requires no maintenance. No matter how many children play on its surface, the faux blades will stand strong and bounce back after use. This saves these organisations a huge amount of money every year. Instead of paying for landscaping fees, they can invest more cash in educational resources.  

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