3 Hot Patterns for Your Summer Makeover

Summer is the ideal season for makeovers. With balmy temperatures and bright, sunny days, it is the most suitable time of year to alter your living environment. Whether it’s updating rooms with new drapes or purchasing a fine-crafted 100% wool rug for your bedroom, we can help make your makeover worth your while.

Remodelling your home can present a variety of challenges… stress, confusion, hard labour, even overspending. With Carpet Connection, we take the worry out of renovating, and provide a comprehensive range of soft furnishings that are stylish and elegant. So, there is every reason to believe a makeover can work for you.

What’s Hot This Summer?

Geometric shapes, lines and abstracts are three stand-out patterns in rug design this season. Varied in colour and construction, there are assorted styles to choose from, including:

• The subtle grey of Pacific Coral with beige rectangles
• The silver stripes of Regatta Balmain intermingled with serene blue
• The alternate linear design of Pacific Kuroshio with rich magenta and cream.

Depending on your existing colour scheme, the choice of rug pattern can be bold and dramatic, or quiet and refined to suit your surroundings with ease. Our current range resonate the sea theme – Pacific and Regatta – reflecting the natural qualities of the sky and ocean.

Hand-tufted or hand-loomed, these are modern rugs that are versatile and relaxed. Deep pile and high quality, they are refined in colour and hue, and complement decor with a contemporary edge. They feature a smooth weave and abstract patterning, with sizes starting from 1.5m x 0.9m up to 3.0m x 2.4m.

Rugs Make a Makeover

As a vital design element, rugs can make or break a successful interior design project. At Carpet Connection, we understand how rugs can add that perfect and final touch to a living area as without them, results can look dull and empty due to the lack of a unique focal point.

With some of the hottest rug designs in store this season, we can help your makeover feel complete. If you have been searching for a rug to match your indoor space and your personality, visit our showroom on Great Eastern Road in Sudbury.

Whatever creative direction you choose for your home, we offer a professional measuring service at your convenience. To book an appointment, give us a call on 01787 374624 or contact us via our online form. We welcome your enquiry.

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