3 Cleaning Tips for Your New Carpet

If you have a new carpet, you will know the joy that comes from walking on it with bare (clean!) feet – that springy softness and the wonderful clean texture is hard to beat. However, all too soon the novelty of the lovely new carpet wears off and we get a little careless around it.

As time goes on, the new carpet looks less new and more weathered and soon we forget that wonderfully fresh feeling that the carpet had for the first month or so. However, if you are scrupulous in looking after your carpet you can keep it looking and feeling good for longer.

Instant Cleaning

Clean up any spills or mess straight away, paying particular attention to products that might cause stains such as red wine, jam and gravy. Leaving these messes can result in the stain having time to soak into the carpet fibres and set, which means that they will be very hard, if not impossible, to get out. Have a set schedule for carpet cleaning, even if the carpet does not look too bad.

A high percentage of the dirt in a carpet is hidden deep within the fibres where it actually damages the carpet by abrading the fibres as it is walked on. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly and regularly, and always vacuum before you use carpet cleaning equipment.

High Quality Cleaning Equipment

Always use appropriate equipment and detergent, even if you have to spend a little more than you had hoped. Carpet cleaning solution and carpet shampooers, which can be hired rather than bought, are designed to thoroughly clean your carpet while protecting the fibres. Mixing your own cleaning solution from household detergents is not a good idea as they can stain the carpet or cause unforeseen chemical reactions. Carpet cleaning equipment is better suited to the task as they are designed to use as little water as possible, and often come with a drying feature.

Over-soaking a carpet makes it very hard to dry and it can cause mould and mildew, as well as that unpleasant ‘wet dog’ smell that soggy carpets can exude. Unless you plan on changing your carpet regularly, it is better to invest in the right tools to keep your carpet clean and in good condition.

Have a Cleaning Plan!

Method and order, as Hercule Poirot likes to say, are the order of the day when cleaning your carpet. Work in straight lines with little overlap to avoid streaks and stripes, starting at the point furthest from the door. Work carefully and thoroughly, and make sure that you give the drying feature enough time to suck up as much water as possible. If in doubt, rather overdo the drying passes as this will ensure that as much of the moisture as possible can be removed. Once the carpet is clean, make sure that no-one needs to go into the room for several hours, to give the carpet a chance to dry out completely.

No matter how carefully you look after your carpet, there comes a time when you will need to invest in a brand new carpet. At Carpet Connection we have over 25 years’ experience in providing for the flooring needs of the nation. We offer a free home measuring and selection service, designed to help you to choose the best carpet for your home. Contact us today to hear about the fabulous flooring options we have in stock, our trained personnel are waiting for your call!

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