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Why Choose Vinyl Over Laminate Flooring

Vinyl and laminate flooring are similar styles of flooring, both promoted by manufacturers as essentially one in the same products with both being easy to do yourself, friendly on a budget, and durable; you can also expect to pay a similar price for both.

So why should you choose vinyl over laminate flooring? Read on to find out about the key differences between the two which bring vinyl out on top.


Laminate flooring is susceptible to moisture, being a partly recycled hardwood product. Whilst it offers reasonable protection against moisture, it is not recommended to get it wet, a problem for kitchen areas – an area of the home where laminate flooring first took off in popularity. Mopping up to clean, or spills from the sink and dishwasher, could easily cause warped or contracted laminate.

On the other hand, vinyl flooring is 100% plastic, being completely durable against water – it could be covered in water for days with no detrimental effect to the flooring. It requires no sealant to protect against water damage, whilst laminate flooring does. In this instance, vinyl flooring is the winner with 100% protection against water, being more suitable for areas of the house such as the kitchen and bathrooms.


Laminate flooring is a thin material and hard underfoot, requiring foam underlay to increase comfort and reduce sound. This extra step in the process will always be recommended when fitting laminate flooring, adding more to the time and cost of the process.

Vinyl flooring is already more comfortable than laminate when installed on its own, being softer to walk on and lacking the hard, hollow feel of laminate without and extra layer of foam underlay.


Gone are the days of thin vinyl flooring with not much more choice than a selection of unpleasant patterns; vinyl now can be produced to mimic the style and look of natural materials such as stone and wood, a quality once only afforded by laminate flooring.


Whilst both types of flooring can be easy to install for anyone who’s got a bit of experience working around the house, laminate will require more work than vinyl plank flooring and square tiled flooring. As well installing the recommended foam underlay, laminate flooring has to be cut with circular, hand or table saws, whereas vinyl can be easily cut with a utility knife.

Choosing Vinyl from Carpet Connection

When considering these features, it’s easy to see why you should choose vinyl over laminate flooring. Vinyl is easier to install and keep clean, more durable and comfortable, all for the same affordable price as laminate. At Carpet Connection, our experienced team offers services in preparation, product fitting, and viewing samples. Based in our Sudbury showroom, we offer our services across Ipswich, Bury St Edmunds, and Colchester. If you’re looking for vinyl flooring for your home or the workplace, give us a call on 01787 374624 or pop into our showroom and we will be happy to help.

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